Keith Simmons


Keith became an entertainer in 1966 (fancy starting when he was two!!!) As one half of 'The Simmons' (The 'Brothers' bit came very soon after) he began his professional career as a vocalist with his sibling Alan. (See the unfinished website

By 1972 they had switched to comedy (obviously, looking like they did in '66, they had no other choice!!) and not long after swapped roles when Keith became the comic to Alan's straight man. When Alan retired from performing with Keith in 2002. Keith worked as a solo for a while but, as he says, 'once a double act - always a double act'. (Alan has gone back to ventriloquism so he's still a double act too and it means that Keith has been replaced by a dummy!!)

In 2005 Keith was joined by his actor son Ben and together they formed 'Simmons and Simmons'; a name that took ages to think up!! (See:

Keith loves visual comedy. His heroes are Laurel and Hardy and Morcambe and Wise. He can never understand when people talk of 'breaking down barriers' or 'extending the boundaries'. "Comedy doesn't have to be about that" he says; "There's only one rule that has to be adhered to when it comes to comedy - it should be funny. If it has to get more crude or more cruel or more biting to be modern - then I'd rather stay a bit old fashioned when it comes to making people laugh".

He has worked with some of the biggest - older - names in British comedy. Arthur Askey, Ken Dodd, Norman Wisdom, Max Bygraves, Les Dawson, Danny La Rue, Eric Sykes, Des O'Connor, John Inman; guys who knew about warmth, timing and act construction.



  With Des O'Connor With Sir Norman Wisdom OBE


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